You & All Your Parts

Curious about Internal Family Systems and how to consistently work with your Parts in a gentle, compassionate way that helps you feel calmer, happier, and more alive? Listen in as Laura Lively, Certified IFS Practioner, shares tips on building the crucial relationship between Self Energy and Parts.

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6 days ago

Join Laura as she explores the art of internal people watching. She invites you to explore observing your own Parts just like you would strangers in a crowd. Learn how to recognize your Parts and uncover the motivations behind your thoughts and emotions. Join Laura for a playful journey of "Part Watching" as she encourages you to embrace curiosity over judgment to gain insight into your inner landscape.

Wednesday May 08, 2024

Join Laura in this episode as she addresses a common struggle people new to Parts Work have. Discover the power of realizing you are not your Parts, but rather, they are facets of your being. Learn practical tips, like adopting the role of the Observer, to identify and understand the various Parts within you. Laura will share some fun and insightful examples of where you're guaranteed to encounter your Parts – whether in real-life people watching or through viewing social media and TV.

Oops! I forgot

Wednesday May 01, 2024

Wednesday May 01, 2024

In this episode, Laura shares her experience of struggling with reduced productivity in content creation due to life challenges, leading to a critical moment when her Virtual Assistant noticed the absence of weekly content. Amidst inner turmoil and self-criticism, Laura got permission to share how her Parts felt about that with you. Tune in to hear what they had to say and how she worked with them in Self-Energy to calm their fears and concerns.

Wednesday Apr 24, 2024

Join Laura in unraveling the mysteries of "Art Wounds," examining how internalized shame stifles creative expression. Discover the transformative power of Parts Work in healing artistic wounds, and let her know if you'd like her to share live arting sessions where you can witness her Parts in action. You'd get a glimpse into how Laura navigates internal dialogues with Self-Energy, offering insights into managing your own Parts.

Wednesday Apr 17, 2024

Join Laura for a potent exercise aimed at navigating stress while supporting your Parts. Discover the surprising power of asking your Parts to stay home, providing relief and fostering calm during challenging moments. Embrace the lightheartedness of creating a "Stay Home" ritual, offering your Parts a playful retreat while you tackle stress head-on. Tune in for insights and a relatable dental visit anecdote!

Cognitive Dissonance or Parts?

Wednesday Apr 10, 2024

Wednesday Apr 10, 2024

Join Laura as she explores the blurred lines between cognitive dissonance and our Parts. Discover how understanding your Parts can shed light on moments when you do or don't do things that are good for you and how to approach those warring Parts of yourself.

Wednesday Apr 03, 2024

Laura normalizes distrustful Parts and shares how patience, empathy, and consistent engagement can foster trust and healing within your inner system. Tune in to explore the process of building self-trust amidst skepticism, and embrace the transformative power of self-discovery.

Tuning into Your Inner Playlist

Wednesday Mar 27, 2024

Wednesday Mar 27, 2024

Laura explores how your internal Parts might be communicating through song lyrics. Sharing personal anecdotes, Laura reveals how she initially dismissed these occurrences until a specific song lyric unexpectedly resonated with her internal state. You are encouraged to pay attention to song lyrics that come to mind, as they may hold valuable insights into their inner world and offer opportunities for deeper self-awareness and healing.

Wednesday Mar 20, 2024

Join Laura as she introduces the concept of AFGO - Another F-ing Growth Opportunity, that she picked up from other students during her IFS training. Learn how to reframe triggers as opportunities for healing and personal growth, and discover the empowering shift in perspective that comes with embracing life's challenges.

Wednesday Mar 13, 2024

Join Laura as she talks about judgment and how it impacts not only our external relationships but also our internal relationships amongst our Parts. P.S. You're not alone if you do live in Judgy McJudgeville.

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